Canada’s Values

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The country that we have come to call Canada has been created through the unity of several nations and different cultures. Canada values diversity and multiculturalism, unity, freedom and independence. Canada did not hold all these values from the beginning but it gained all of these values through time, by learning from its past mistakes and also because of its desires of becoming independent and several major events that took place in Canadian history. Canada’s values come from its struggle for independence from Britain, a path to nationhood, being independent from the United States and the co-operation between the English, French and Native Canadians and immigrants. Canada, being a colony of Britain since the defeat of the French empire in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, tried to gain more and more freedom from its mother country, Great Britain, and to gain its own constitution and laws and be able to decide its own future. Although Canada wanted independence from Britain, it also did not want to become too dependent on the United States. Also the co-operation between the Canadian people, either English or French or any other group, have defined the Canadian values that we see today. One of the core values of Canada is diversity. Canada has very diverse cultures that have been living together on its soil for many years. Since the defeat of the French in the battle of the Plains of Abraham, the French Canadians felt defeated, and believed that the English Canadians would soon consume their culture and for this, they always held on to their culture and norms and maintained their diversity. In 1774, the Quebec Act was brought in and allowed the French Canadians to maintain th... ... middle of paper ... ...aintains Canada’s independence from these two countries. And the reason why Quebec has an urge to spate is not because it does not appreciate unity; however, one cannot blame them for wanting to separate from Canada and hold very close relationships with Canada because they have been oppressed for years before and just 30 or 40 years of service cannot make up for the suffering they have been going through. We can see clearly that without the values of unity, diversity and multiculturalism and freedom and independence, Canada is no longer Canada and is undefined. If Canada did not hold these values then it would be any other country. But these values are the characteristics of Canada and Canadian culture and they are what Canada is known for across the globe. Works Cited

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