Vaccination Should Be Mandatory Essay

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Vaccination is widely considered one of the most successful medical attainments of modern civilization and a cost-effective public health tool. It prevents citizens from acquiring serious diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, and diphtheria. These diseases were common in children generations ago, but the mortality rate is decreasing now because of immunization. Moreover, smallpox was the critical disease until two centuries ago, where millions died from it every year. After the invention of vaccination for smallpox, it was wiped out. Vaccines are made from the same germ that causes diseases. For instance, the chickenpox vaccine is made from the chickenpox virus (“Vaccine”). However, the virus in the vaccine is killed, and it is introduced to the immune system through booster shots. The immune system responds to the vaccine same as the real disease by making antibodies. Hence, if a child is…show more content…
Vaccination protects children’s lives from fatal illness and complications of preventable disease, which could include amputation of body parts, paralysis, brain damage, and death. The scientists are constantly conducting research for a vaccine before it can be approved by the FDA. In addition, the research conducted by the National Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention demonstrated the vaccines’ effectiveness. Likewise, immunization of children protects society by preventing the spread of disease. If infected children are not immunized, they could spread disease to other young children, who cannot be vaccinated. The cases for several infectious disease have dramatically decline in the United States. However, numerous disease are still common in other countries and are brought to the United States by international travelers. As a result, there should be a national law for mandatory vaccinations of
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