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858 words

Module 9 Argumentative Essay How would you feel if your child was to catch a deadly disease at school from another student that had not been vaccinated. For many years, vaccinations have been forced unto babies and smaller children to help prevent a future epidemic such as the ones from many centuries ago. Later within the years after vaccinations seem to have been proven effective and slightly popular, they became mandatory for a student to be vaccinated before being able to enroll into a school. Most parents went along with the new rule ,but there were still many parents that strongly disagreed and felt that it violated their liberty to make decisions for their child 's lives. I personally believe that vaccinations should be forced among students for reason such as: combat deadly diseases, suppress …show more content…

"Vaccination, or inoculation with dead or weakened pathogens, is used to stimulate an immune response in the body to combat a virus. " The vaccination helps the body 's immune system to stay strong and fight the diseases or viruses that may enter the body. The vaccination 's ability to combat the disease will keep the body healthy in multiple ways. People against the mandatory vaccinations will question the safety or how well will the inoculations works. Diseases that once cause deaths , sicknesses, and disabilities are now greatly controlled due to the new vaccinations. Inoculations are making your immune system stronger. When you get vaccinations, it will prevent other disease which is good for the entire country. For example, if there where multiple deadly disease going through the country then tourism would greatly decrease causing a decrease within the economic system. If mostly everyone did not recieve their vaccination because they were not forced then this could possibly create a big ripple effect and greatly effect

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that vaccinations should be forced among students for reasons such as combat deadly diseases, suppress outbreaks, and ultimately improve the life expectancy of vaccinated individuals.
  • Opines that parents should not oppose getting their child vaccinated because vaccinations fight deadly diseases that may enter the body.
  • Opines that if everyone was vaccinated as they are supposed to, this would suppress outbreaks all together.
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