Vaccinations: Know the Risks and Failures

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“Vaccinations are causing a major upsurge in childhood diseases, adult maladies, and even deadly ailments such as Gulf War Syndrome and Lou Gehrig’s disease” (Blaylock). Every now and then an individual’s doctor calls telling them about the latest vaccine they should receive. The person immediately schedules a time to come in and get it done. But do they even give a second thought about it? Have they ever thought that maybe they do not need another vaccination? Many people have not taken the time to seriously think about the process of immunization. The truth is, there are many dangers that the average person should be unaware of. Rarely do vaccines actually accomplish what the public has been told. In fact, a lot of vaccines contain harmful substances that have been linked to disorders such as autism. The lack of education and dishonesty from doctors are putting people in danger of health problems without even realizing. Many parents feel obligated for their children to get vaccinated because of school, not knowing they have the alternative option of refusing immunization.

For the longest time, people have assumed that if they get a vaccine, they are completely safe from that illness. However, “a person who has been vaccinated has no guarantee that he will not contract the disease, and chances are, if he does, it will be at a later age when the consequences are much more serious” (Hamdan). Vaccines do not always accomplish what they claim to. If people realized that getting a vaccine does not guarantee them immunization from a particular disease that would be a major step in furthering the education about vaccines. There have been many cases where vaccines have been administered, but the disease remains. For insta...

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...ts about the dangers related to vaccines, progress is being made. The primary issue at the end of the day should be to protect the people from illnesses the best way possible whether it be with the help of vaccines or without.

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