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    Smallpox Smallpox was a disease that was caused by a virus. The virus spread when an uninfected person came in direct contact with a sick person and breathed in the virus. Usually, the virus was in tiny drops that were coughed up by the sick person. After about two weeks the infected person would develop a high fever and muscle aches and pains. After about three days of fever the person would break out in a rash all over his or her body. At first it looked like red spots, but these spots gradually

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    detrimental result of the Columbian Exchange would be the spreading of smallpox from Europe to the New World. The great explorations and subsequent migrations of Europeans to the Americas in the 15th-18th centuries opened up those entire continents to the fatal impact of the infectious diseases of Europe. European conquests owed a good deal of their success to the effects of disease on the indigenous peoples, especially smallpox in the Americas. Before Spanish conquest of the New World, there was no

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    world. They cause millions of deaths and leave many people sick. Most epidemics are contagious and spread very quickly. One kind of epidemic is the variola virus. Variola virus is most known by the name smallpox. it got it’s nickname from the small blisters that appear on the face and arms. Smallpox is believed to have originated in Egypt or Northeastern Africa about 10,000 years ago. It soon reached Asia during the middle ages and reached Europe in 700 A.D.In 18th Century Europe it killed about 400

  • Smallpox Vaccines And The Smallpox Vaccine

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    first to start using vaccines back in 1000AD against smallpox and were followed in Africa and Turkey with similar techniques. The first vaccine in the United States was in 1721 by Cotton Mather, a Puritan minister. He used a smallpox vaccination in response to an outbreak. Edward Jenner, an English physician and scientist, created the first smallpox vaccine using cowpox in 1796 and this vaccine was used for years being updated and eventually smallpox was eliminated. Benjamin Waterhouse, a physician and

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    Smallpox is a very dangerous and in almost every case, fatal disease. There are two types of smallpox: variola major and variola minor. Variola Major consists of four categories ordinary (this is the most common), flat, and hemorrhagic. Variola Major only has an overall fatality rate of 30%. Flat and Hemorrhagic are the two most deadly type of Variola major. Smallpox looks like a very red, puffy, and raised rash. Smallpox is an very dangerous and contagious disease that has been present throughout

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    twenty-four hours a day, lays it’s counterpart. No, not a man made weapon of mass destruction; just a natural born killer of man. This insatiable killer is known in the scientific community as the Variola Virus. To the layperson, it is called, smallpox. The smallpox virus first presented itself between three thousand and twelve thousand years ago, possibly in Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs (Preston44). There are two types of Variola virus, Variola Major and Variola Minor. Variola Minor is a mutated

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    Smallpox Throughout the 15th to 18th century, smallpox has successfully ruined the lives of millions, either leaving them disabled for life or annihilating them. It is a dreadfully contagious disease that infects people from all ages by disturbing the work of cells and may result in organ failure. Smallpox is highly contagious because it is triggered by a virus called Variola Major. Viruses, compared to bacteria and fungi, are a whole lot easier to be transmitted. They can even be transmitted through

  • The Wonders of Smallpox

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    The Wonders of Smallpox There are several epidemics in the world, but the one that stands out the most and has a large affect on people is smallpox. An epidemic is a widespread occurrence of and infectious disease in a community at a particular time. There are several epidemics and lots of them are very dangerous and can lead to very severe sickness or even death. For example there are more diseases that land in the epidemic “family” such as HIV, AIDS, Herpes, and Gonorrhea just to give you an idea

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    For approximately three-thousand years, smallpox has ravaged and plagued the four corners of the globe. In fact, in the 17 th and 18 th centuries, it was claimed to be the most infectious disease in the West, with an astounding 90% mortality rate in America. It wasn't until 1796, with English surgeon Edward Jenner's smallpox vaccination, that the world saw relief from this devastating virus. However, even with this inoculation in use, the world continued to witness death from both the virus and the

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    Smallpox is a disease from the variola virus. Smallpox has caused an estimated number of 300 million deaths in the 1900s alone. Smallpox is said to have been around since the ancient Egyptian times. The disease was eradicated in the late 20th century and two samples are still kept, one in U.S.A and one in Russia. Smallpox creates bumps and blisters all over the body and has been one of the most fatal epidemics the world has seen. Symptoms[edit] The symptoms of Smallpox are: Rashes on the body,