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Childhood vaccinations have received a lot of media in the past few years, and parents continue to question whether or not they should have their children vaccinated. This topic is a very important issue because it seems to be a trend in our society where parents are not vaccinating their children. This then leads their children becoming more susceptible to unnecessary diseases/viruses that can be prevented with vaccines. The focus of the following articles was on the association of the specific vaccines measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), and vaccines containing thimerosal, which has been a speculated reason for the cause of autism. This contentious hypothesis has many parents failing to vaccinate their children; this is especially true of many friends and family members of mine. They believe that vaccines can cause autism, and I want to prove otherwise.
The CNN article, “The end of the autism/vaccine debate?” done by Rope (2010), talks about how Andrew Wakefield, suggested that the MMR vaccine might cause autism. In the article you also come to learn that a lawyer who was going to court on behalf of parents who believed that the MMR vaccine cased their child’s autism paid Wakefield. Wakefield was found doing unnecessary painful procedures on children, and in 2010 was banned from practicing medicine. Unfortunately, this study did a lot more harm than good. This study put a lot of fear in parents and they refused to vaccinate their children because of this. Physicians now warn parent’s that refusing to vaccinate your child is not a risk-free choice and in some cases may even have deadly consequences.
Looking at the media and its affect on vaccination the article, “Media Coverage of the Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccine and Autism...

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...tect their child’s health not, to harm them. Also, if a parent were unsure of a vaccine I would recommend them to research the vaccine. Look at the different ingredients in them, the side affects, also look at research that has been done on the different vaccines. The more you know the more questions you can ask the physician and the better the parents will feel knowing what their child is being injected with. My last recommendation would be talk to other people and see what their opinions are and perspectives on vaccines. Talk to their parents and see why or why not they got them vaccinated, also talk to friends who have children, and physicians. Getting different opinions from a variety of sources and doing the research may allow the parents to feel that they can better understand the vaccine and make a decision on whether or not to vaccinate their child.
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