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My intended major is Psychology. Psychology to me is like an uncompleted master key that could unlock all the secrets behind human beings, which is an endless riddles. My interest in this subject stemmed from the many problems I questioned about human existence and personal identity, mainly based on human nature. I have always been curious about what would happen if all main past psychologists (e.g., Freud, Watson, Maslow, etc.) sit together and discuss the debate of someone’s behavior. In order to make use of all psychology theories, I would imagine those famous psychologists are sitting with me and discuss someone’s behavior based on their theory and make the best conclusion.

Recently, I began to volunteer at Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, an international honor society provide opportunity for the development of leadership and community service to college students. Personal speaking, I practically discomfort with the notion of overgeneralization, manner of thinking in which a negative event is viewed as one more example of a pattern of failure. According to Martin Seligman, people become anxious and depressed when they decide that they have no control over the stress in their lives. Therefore, I animatedly participate those events that mission to support an isolated group. For example, AIDS WALK LOS ANGELES 2013 and toy donation to The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

From my readings about the psychology, I have learnt that a new field of psychology, which is positive psychology. The dual aspect theory, which means human nature does not only contain neither positive side or negative side but both of them, interested me the most. Furthermore, Positive psychology argued that psychology adopt and apply of the medial mod...

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...walk, and I did just that.

It does not make me proud to admit that I had difficulties at school and difficulties with taking care of myself here in the US, but I am proud to affirm that I am an honest person with integrity who is not afraid of admitting my shortcomings and overcoming them. More importantly, the challenges I encountered because of that specific upbringing puts me back a few paces in certain areas and has made me more determined to fight to compensate for those areas and beyond. While my aciticity levels in US are not as strong as I had hoped if I didn’t have various disruptions in life, it is what it is, and none of that would hinder my determination to make a successful career at university and in society. I would like to continue to build my strength of character as I encounter more challenges in life, and become an upright citizen of the world.
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