Urban Life in Hong Kong and Tibet

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Urban Life in Hong Kong and Tibet Where they live --------------- In Tibet, people in more urban areas live in houses made of either wood or stones depending on what materials are more easily available in a particular area. The roof is made of tree trunks which is then covered in a thick layer of clay like the house shown below. [IMAGE] There are usually three or four floors with stairs made of tree trunks on the outside. The ground floor is usually for the animals, the second where most of the bedrooms are and the highest floor is for the toilet so it doesn't stink the rest of the house. The furniture is painted with bright colours and wood and waste from animals and humans is the main source of fuel. The people living in the more rural areas of Tibet live in tents. There are two types of tents; black yak wool tents and white cloth tents. To make black yak wool tents people use yak wool and tie it into ropes and then tie the ropes together and about 200 lb of wool is required to make a tent for a family of 5. The white cloth tents are not as common and are good for traveling. They are quite small and are usually covered in religious symbols like the one overleaf. [IMAGE] Inside both types of tents there aren't any bed just cushions and rugs. The tents are divided into two halves. One half for the woman and the other half for men. In the men's half there is usually a worshipping place with statues, scriptures etc. of the Buddha. In Hong Kong on the other hand everybody lives in tall apartment buildings of about 40 storeys because of very limited land space and the government have now started filling in the harbour. [IMAGE] How they make a living In Tibet the most common professions are farming and yak-harding but the government are now creating more jobs for students like railway
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