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  • Hong Kong

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    Hong Kong The region of Hong Kong, which had long been a haven for coastal pirates was occupied by the British during the Opium War (1839-42). The colony prospered as an east-west trading center, the commercial gateway to, and distribution center for, South China. It was efficiently governed, and its banking, insurance, and shipping services quickly became known as the most reliable in Southeast Asia. In 1921 the British agreed to limit the fortifications of the colony, and this contributed

  • Hong Kong

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    the streets when they were free. Perry Chu added that he was not forced to work when he was young but he discovered the interest when grown-up so he take over the job as an owner. This value of childhood is because of capitalism values spread in Hong Kong after colonized by British. Thus, Perry Chu thought that many old customers were his friends and they formed...

  • Hong Kong and Singapore

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    Prior to analyzing the situation of Hong Kong and Singapore, it is important to be cognizant of the fact that predictions of the future economic trajectories of these two city-states is certainly not an uncontested arena in the academic world. There are perhaps a few competing explanations for why Hong Kong might lag behind Singapore in terms of development in the long term, but unfortunately they do not concretely and convincingly sway the argument towards their favor. Some scholars argue for low

  • hong kong

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    a self-managed vacation for the summer of 2014, to Hong Kong. I’ve never been on a tour to Hong Kong before because I live there, but I would always recommend people to just self-manage their trip to Hong Kong because you can do more and you are not always on a rush to follow the tour package schedule. You are able to go to places on you own time and be relaxed. There are many advantages and benefits to having a self-managed vacation to Hong Kong than having a package deal, which can lead to a pleasurable

  • Hong Kong: A History

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    Chinese city of Hong Kong, located in the Pearl River Estuary in the south of China. With an area of only 426 square miles, it is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Known for its towering skyline, light pollution, and thriving economy, it is a very unusual city due to the fact that it runs on a capitalist system while the mainland is communist. Its laissez-faire economy is the result of over a century of British colonial rule: prior to its colonization, Hong Kong was home to only

  • Public Art in Hong Kong

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    creators of artistic expression, but also take care of the public will.¬タン Public art is not only a work of art placed in public places, through public participation and discussion, but also constitute a social evolution.¬タン (Ho Siu Kee: 2005) Hong Kong government and conglomerate¬タルs art projects in recent years are way better then the plans in the past (before 2010). But the form of public art is still the same at decades, not much different. And the content of programs and artworks are all like

  • South Asians In Hong Kong

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    Background: Hong Kong is an international city named as “Asia’s World City”. Most of us living in Hong Kong are proud of this vibrant melting pot that is feeding multifarious languages, cultures and religions. Apart from official language (Chinese and English), miscellaneous languages can be found in Hong Kong such as Filipinos, Indonesians, Nepalese, and Pakistani etc. Those speaks are labeled as linguistic minorities. Thomas (2009) defined that linguistic minorities are non-dominant groups including

  • Hong Kong

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    Hong Kong Hong Kong has it all. It is perhaps one of the world’s most amazing and most important economic cities. Being located in China on 22° 18' N 114° 10' E, it puts the city right in the middle of Japan and Singapore, and also on many shipping and air routes of the western Pacific. Hong Kong did not become a successful city overnight. It was a British dependency dating back to the 1842 to July 1, 1997. The First Opium War forced China to give Hong Kong to the British. A British-appointed

  • The Hong Kong Education System

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    In recent years, Hong Kong education system has undergone a great change. In the past, students studied five-year junior secondary education, two-year senior secondary education and three-year tertiary education. Since school year 2009/10, secondary and tertiary education composed of three-year junior secondary education, three-year senior education and four-year tertiary education (3-3-4 Scheme). Apart from the academic structure of education system, new compulsory subjects like Liberal Studies

  • Compensated Dating in Hong Kong

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    Introduction Compensated dating (CD) – a relationship with mainly financial support, in Hong Kong seems to be sprouting up among adolescent. CD is similar to juvenile prostitution (JP) but is not exactly the same. It is not necessarily involving sexual intercourse but a wide variety of nonsexual and sexual services are involved in CD. A study shown that even the prevalent rate of CD in HK was lower than those shown in Western and Asian counterparts, it was alarming. Furthermore, there is a risk that