Unsafe Space In Seinfeld

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1. Introduction 1.1 Background: Cultural capabilities are imperative to functioning successfully in university, community and workplace and this is achieved by incorporating cultural capability, cultural intelligence and cultural self-awareness (Charles Darwin University). Cultural capability encompasses the values, beliefs, attitudes and habits which flow through groups and individuals (Hall, 1993). According to Holley and Steiner (2005), a safe space is defined as a classroom climate enabling students to feel adequately secure enough to truthfully convey their opinions, take risks, and explore and share their behaviours, attitudes and knowledge. In other words, a safe space is associated with a safeguard from emotional and psychological harm,…show more content…
1.2 Aim: This report aims to provide a comprehensive summary, description and examination of an example of an unsafe space, and will suggest improvements to optimise safety of the space where suitable. The examination will be based on observations made throughout the scene, which are detailed in Table 2.1 1.3 Scope: The report will focus on an excerpt from Seinfeld, particularly the scenes when Jerry goes out on a date with Winona, depicting an unsafe space. 2. Summary and Observations 2.1 Summary of the Video Clip: Season 5 episode 10 of the Seinfeld TV show, is about Jerry Seinfeld who has difficulty upholding a romantic relationship with a Native American woman called Winona. The key characters are Jerry Seinfeld (main character) and Winona (secondary character who is Jerry’s love interest). Based in a social setting, the scene starts with Elaine playing cards with her friends and somebody unexpectedly knocks on the door. Jerry enters her apartment room to give Elaine a cigar store Indian as a peace offering. Amongst Elaine’s friends, Jerry recognises a Winona, a woman he is interested which further encourages him to reveal the gift even more to show that he is a benevolent man. When Jerry unveils the gift, everyone gapes at the gift in silence.

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