Social Structure And Culture Reflection Paper

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As a teacher it’s my job to constantly reflect on information that is being introduced to me and by doing so I feel I will have a greater influence on my student’s educational growth. With reflecting over our reading of “Social Structure and Culture” I learned such a great amount of information from this reading dealing with our schools social norms. The reading gave me great insight for what to really notice with our student’s social changes and culture in our constant changing environment. By noticing culture differences within our students, we will better understand them and not offend any of them. Culture and social structure has significantly changed over the last twenty years within our schools and society as well. I am a…show more content…
For instance, as teachers we must take into consideration that our student’s may have divorced parents, or maybe our students have gay parents. Which is becoming a new norm in our society, which is changing our student’s cultures, as they know it. Therefore, as educators we need to make sure we are very open to the constant change in society so we do not insult any of our students. When comparing culture changes within the same high school I attended and now teach at, I now have a greater understanding how change is good within the educational system. For example, when I was in high school my fellow classmates that were gay were looked down upon by other students. I am now glad to say within our society and school, students are more welcoming to open up and express themselves as an individual and not hide. This would never have been possible without our change in society within our changing and welcoming society. Our society in general is changing and becoming more excepting of people with different beliefs and values. Which is great because in the past people were not open to
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