The Controversy Facing Patient Safety in the U.S.

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Fierce healthcare reported sometime in June of 2012 that hospitals across the country had received safety report cards from one Leapfrog group. They reported that most facilities got a C or below in the rankings. The report also showed that the biggest hospitals such as the Henry Ford Hospital in Michigan barely got a passing grade. The report cards were meant to inform patients and also to motivate improvements in patient safety, they were faced with a lot of criticism and controversy especially from hospitals that did not pass. This paper will discuss the controversy facing patient safety in the U.S. It will also analyze the effects of the issue and the solutions suggested and currently in place to solve the issue. The major complaint was that the score cards give a single letter grade for twenty six patient safety measures. Many hospitals claim that the score cards had within them the wrong questions. They insist that they should address matters of how much the hospitals are doing to better themselves in respect to patient safety. The point, however, is research has shown that many hospitals are doing little to nothing to better their patient safety. A case exists where a post-surgical patient was suffering from low bloody pressure. The nurse taking care of him noted this and asked the supervisor what to do. The supervisor asked her to contact the physician that was on call. The physician said to give the patient Albumin. The nurse on duty read in the patient’s chart that he had been given albumin, a product of blood. On reading also that the patient was a Jehovah Witness, she reported the case to the hospital CEO who gave the decision to inform the patient. The on-call physician resented the CEO’s involvement as he did not ... ... middle of paper ... ...nd opinion policies that will not allow a diagnosis be made from the decision of one practitioner. These alternatives will ensure that healthcare facilities tighten their ship, so to speak. Healthcare facilities need to be less income oriented. This will ensure that the objective of all doctors and nurses is to restore patient health and not to make money for the institution. This would not actually mean that hospitals would lose money. On the contrary, patients will be more comfortable in an environment where the doctor has the well-being as their primary objective. This will attract more patients. References

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