Unit 9 P2 Business

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To Justify why use mass media like Radio and billboards. Being in Poland for a summer vacation taught me a thing or two about business. One would learn about KFC by radio plus street advertisements and billboards, ads on buses, train stations, and parks. With everyone walking and taking public transportation, radio, billboards, and flyers will prove to be the best delivery method in this country. With smartphones, technology is the way to deliver promotional offers to the consumers. Our research will show finding people at train stations that walk around are bound to see billboards and especially leaflets. Leaflets and smartphone apps will be the best methods to reach the consumer that is constantly on the go A5c Sales Promotion The first promotional activity will be to get people to our restaurant and to reach those traveling by air. We will do this by radio, ads, and of course the handouts and other methods. KFC in Japan serves its food on …show more content…

We will develop an app that will be installed upon entering our restaurant complete with menu and a call button for help while someone waits at a table. We will have kiosks for customers not wanting to wait in lines where one can order all products inside the store. We will have an online app to order and pick up at the store. We will need to entice customers away from two big competitors: Burger King and McDonald's. The competition has these incentives in place already and to win we will use the same successful methods to keep them coming back. We will update and email info to our customers and/or text to their phones which will be even better. We will make sure product pictures are sent out with cups that present a great way of having a hot chocolate at KFC. KFC will become part of Polish culture just like McDonald’s has become. KFC Poland will constantly excel and outperform its main competitor

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