Use of Integrated Marketing Communications in the Fast Food Industry

Several facts are changing in today’s marketing communications. More companies adopt the new concept of integrated marketing communications (IMC) to convey a consistent message about their brand and products. Hence, IMC has played a powerful role and developed into a useful strategy for company to reach more customers and build good customer relationships. According to Herstein et al. (2008), IMC is one of a successful strategy that coordinates and integrates all of marketing communication tools to efficiently and economically influence between an organization and its existing and potential customers. Moreover, marketers can combine IMC tools (advertising, sale promotion, personal selling, direct marketing and public relations) rather than separate practices to create values and avoid potential conflicts (Duncan & Everett, 1993). In fast food industry, fast food chains integrate advertising, sale promotion, sponsorship, packaging and Internet to promote their products as well as build brand image (Sperber, 2003; Story & French, 2004; Morrison, 2010). Advertising is most used form of communication and the most frequently utilized medium due to it easily contact the target market, especially on television advertising (Story & French, 2004; Case, 2007). In addition, simple toys and products are typically used by fast food chains in children’s meal to attract children and adolescents.

The fast food industry’s giant- McDonald’s has become the best-know fast food brand in the world. It employs advertising, sale promotion, public relations and sport sponsorship to promote McDonald’s as a global image (Vignali, 2001). In communication context, the maxim “brand globally, advertise locally” (Sandler & Shani, 1993) is McDonald’s promotio...

... middle of paper ... meal option and the nutritional value of meal offered (Teutsch, 2003). For these reason, McDonald’s brand image and sales have been faced huge impacted. Therefore, McDonald’s uses new promotional strategy to deliver clear and consistency message- “healthy food” as well as reestablish its image through IMC. IMC strategy has become an effective and successful marketing model that been adopted as a standard and achieved business objectives (Herstein et al., 2008). Furthermore, IMC strategy potentially enhances the effectiveness of the firm's advantage, and also could positively influence brand image (Madhavaram et al., 2005). Consequently, this project is useful for marketers to better understand IMC concepts and making useful and available promotional strategies. Also, it will be benefit on McDonald’s now or in the future, or whether others specialist industry.

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