Unit 10 Final Exam

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Unit 10 Final Examination Test & Course Evaluation
Final Paper

• How did the course relate to the study of the Administration of Justice?
It will help me out tremendously in my report writing and communication. I will take this class and use it my career ad CA Dept. Of Corrections.
• What are the principles of good report writing?
To be read, understood and accepted, your report should have clear and consistent writing. Here are some of the basic principles to follow.
Use clear language
Use the sort of words you would use in conversation, rather than trying to impress with long or unfamiliar words. Use plain English and avoid jargon. Use a level of speech and language that is accessible to your readers. This includes the use of gender-neutral …show more content…

Think about how you can improve what you have written.
• Have you made your points clearly?
• Have you used a variety of short and long sentences to help make your writing more readable?
• Have you checked the spelling, grammar and punctuation?
Be specific about what you want the reader to do
Be clear about the status of the report and what you expect from the reader. Is it a final report with recommendations for consideration and decision? Is it a draft for comment?
Adapted from Strunk and White, The Elements of Style (1979) McMillan, NY
• What is the reason for understanding the principles of good verbal communications?
Communication is a two-way process of giving and receiving information through any number of channels. Whether one is speaking informally to a colleague, addressing a conference or meeting, writing a newsletter article or formal report, the following basic principles apply:
• Know your audience.
• Know your purpose.
• Know your topic.
• Anticipate objections.
• Present a rounded picture.
• Achieve credibility with your audience.
• Follow through on what you say.
• Communicate a little at a time.
• Present information in several …show more content…

Researches who discuss workflow emphasize the importance of using a system to handle the many programs and the data files that are a standard part of a research project. Files may be developed, used, and updated by multiple members of a research team. Therefore, it is imperative that members of the team agree on a set of guidelines for naming, revising, and storing files. In the earlier example of documentation, the initial comment of a program file included who prepared the file and when it was last updated. This is good procedure to follow and essential to version control. A set of procedures designed to record changes to files so that those working with the files know when they were created and updated. A online system is called a git and widely used through the website GitHub. Although it was designed initially for software developers, it has become popular among scientific researchers as an online location to collaborate on research projects and share

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