Importance Of Cover Letter

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Job seekers often ask questions about how to write a cover letter and its importance when developing a job search marketing campaign. While cover letters are expected and important, there are three secrets about them that internal company recruiters know that they don 't share with you: Secret #1: Recruiters (and hiring managers) seldom read cover letters. The reason? Recruiters, especially in mid-size to large companies, are extremely busy managing the entire end-to-end recruiting process for multiple jobs at a time, each with hundreds upon hundreds of resume and cover letter submissions. Hiring managers are extremely busy managing their teams, department and their business. There is no time for either recruiters or hiring managers to review every …show more content…

During the interview slate selection meeting with the hiring manager, the recruiter shares and discusses each applicant 's resume highlights, pre-screen conversation information, and any critical details gleaned from the cover letter. Those cover letter details can sometimes give the slightest edge to one highly qualified applicant over another when decisions are being made to fill a limited number of interview slots. So, to increase your odds of being selected to interview, make sure your cover letter is as effective and well-written as possible. An effective cover letter should: Be as brief, concise and to the point as possible. Respect the reader 's time. Represent you well in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and overall content. Provide one or more names of professional referrals whenever possible. Use bullet points to effectively highlight key areas and break up the text for quick and easy reading. State specifically the exact position to which you are applying, and exactly when and where you learned about it (date and name of newspaper ad, online job ad, social media site, referral,

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