Toshiba Case Study

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Today’s world is constantly changing with our societies and the environment steadily developing. The variation between societies and environment affects all types of businesses. “A more robust public engagement with our moral disagreements could provide a stronger, not a weaker, basis for mutual respect” (Sandel, 2009, p. 268). Our society must share moral ideas and views on sustainability with others in order to earn respect from the opposing side. The exchange of ideas allows others to understand the views from both sides and thus creates a stronger respect for everyone. Due to the constant changes in today’s world, shareholders and stakeholders expect information about the operational, financial and investing activities of a business.…show more content…
Since the Japanese company was founded in 1875, it has now grown to be an international household name with 200, 260 employees worldwide (Merchant Online, 2015). Toshiba’s corporate philosophy is “commitment to people and to the future” (Wang, 2009, p. 2), in which the company puts this philosophy into practice on a daily basis. The company remains committed to creating a higher quality of life by encouraging cultural awareness in a diverse market and promoting environmental friendly activities. According to Senge, et. al. (2010), “despite growing awareness of the importance of a healthy environment and successes in pollution reduction, even a cursory summary shows that things have mostly gone from bad to worse worldwide” (p. 15). This statement shows how Toshiba’s future commitments must persistently create innovative technologies that will focus on saving resources and becoming environmentally…show more content…
Although this statement empowers the employees by claiming that the company is people working together, it does not follow the same sustainability ideas expressed in Toshiba’s mission statement and website. My recommendation would be to rewrite the vision statement to say, “we are a global organization that is socially and environmentally responsible, that embraces diversity and creativity, and is financially rewarding for our employees and shareholders.” The rewritten statement includes the triple bottom line of sustainability (people, planet, and profit) while also mentioning the importance of its shareholders and
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