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Sports fans look up to athletes and inspire to resemble their favorite athlete. Peyton Manning inspired fans, by revolutionizing the quarterback position. Likewise, Tim Duncan entertained fans, by playing at a consistent level of greatness night in and night out. In addition, Joe Montana was the master of the comeback, leading his team for game-winning touchdowns under the most pressure. All of these amazing Hall of Fame players´ only possess a few of Tom Brady's traits that made him the greatest football player of all time. Thus Brady inspires many people to compete and be the best they can be, he also brought hope to sports fans which made Tom Brady a hero. Tom Brady’s childhood started off in San Mateo, California on August 3rd, 1977. His parents were Tom Brady Sr. and Galynn Brady along with his three sisters, Julie, Nancy, and Maureen Brady. Sadly Brady often was in the shadow of his sisters’ athletic achievements, but he made a name for himself in baseball and basketball. Brady’s biggest passion was football, he went to most of the San Francisco 49ers …show more content…

In the Conference Championship against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the game, Brady went down with an injury, but luckily Bledsoe finished the game out and won. The Patriots were heading into the Super Bowl as huge underdogs expecting to get crushed by the St. Louis Rams in the “Greatest Show on Turf.” Brady got the starting job for the Super Bowl and led the Pats to a seventeen to three lead at the half. The Rams came back in the 2nd half and tied it at seventeen to seventeen with less than two minutes remaining most people thought that the Pats should run the clock out and go to overtime, but instead “Tom Terrific,” and the Patriots drove down the field in spectacular fashion to get into field goal range. Bam! Tom Brady the 199th pick who became the seventh string quarterback was now the youngest QB to win a Super

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