Dan Marino: The Football Legend

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When people think of great quarterback a few names come to mind such as Joe Montana, Joe Namath, and Dan Marino. Dan Marino holds many of the great recorders held in his position. Even though he never won the ring he always wanted Born Daniel Constantine Marino JR., born on September 15, 1961. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the western part of the state. Dan grew up in Parkview Avenue in the south Oakland section of Pittsburgh. With his father Dan senior, his mother veronica, and two younger sisters. His father grew up there and his grandfather came form Pittsburgh from Italy. His father drove a truck for the Pittsburgh Press newspaper. And often worked as a landscaper part time. He got Dan involved with sports young. Dan's Father helped make the perfect release that we all know about today. His father would tell young Dan throws it from your ear. His dad would hit grounder at him or throw the football. Raising an all pro is what he was doing. He showed great skills at a young age and a powerful arm. In fourth grade is when Dan's talent began to blossom. Although Dan was a great athlete school was another thing. His graders were bad and he was not to smart. He went to St. Regis School, which was located directly across from his home. He attended High school at Central Catholic High school. His strong arm and his love for competition helped him become a leader on the football field as well as on the baseball field. Dan became a young start at his school. As a freshmen ands sophomore he was back up varsity quarterback. Then his junior year he when he began to shine in the pocket. He broke every passing record at his school. He was also punter and place kicker for his team. His senior year he was named to the high school all American team by Parade Magazine. Mean while Dan's rifle arm also impressed many baseball scouts. The Cincinnati Reds clocked his fastball at 92 miles per/hour. He a; so had a batting average of .550 and had a record of 25-1 his senior year as a pitcher. Marino high school number was the infamous number 13 which he wore though his career.
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