There Is More to Life than High School

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Being in my Counseling 110 class has taught me that there is more in my life than High school. I learned that I need to separate myself from my high school and I need to learn to be more of an independent person and pilot my own life. According to Eric Hoffer on page 14 of the On Course, “In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future” I learned that in order to succeed in my own life I need to have Discipline, responsibility, and motivation in order to survive in real life.
The first thing I need to apply to my life is Self-discipline. I need it in my life because without I would not want to do any of the hard task and go straight tasks. An example is that during my first couple of semesters here at Palomar College I want to always slack off by being on the computer, XBOX, and hanging out with my friends instead of doing the most important thing, my homework. Self-discipline is defined as the act of disciplining or power to discipline one’s own feeling and desires with the intention of improving one self. In Chapter four Henery David Thoreau says that “it is not enough to be busy… the question is: What are we busy about. In order to succeed in self-discipline in need to have the persistence in finishing college in order to get a degree so I could become either a nurse, or a special education teacher. One way to do this is to not just thing of one way of doing things, because if you fail at it there is always other ways to complete that task. Back during my senior year in High school I decided that I wanted to join the Cross Country team. After the second week of practice I pulled my hamstring and was unable to keep on practicing and I was unable to go and see the doctor. I really wanted to stay with the t...

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...hat goal when I am stuck in college trying to pass my classes. Charles j. Givens states in chapter three that from his own experience, there is no question that the speed with which you are able to achieve your goals is directly related to how clearly and how often you are able to visualize your goals. I discovered my dream a few years ago of being a nurse when I was watching “Tramam:Life in the ER” a TV show that follows doctor around different hospital while they are in the process of treating patients who come by either walking in, or by ambulance. I see myself completing my goal in a few years and I will get an opportunity to achieve my goals of becoming a nurse.
My Counseling 110 has taught me to look forward into my life and find the goals that I want to achieve my goals by separating myself from my high school and to try to move forward and achieve my goals.
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