Reflection Paper On Why I Want To Be A Nurse

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In my post secondary studies, many people are interested in what I want to do after I graduate and where I want to go in life. It is far rarer to have people ask the question of why. Why do I want to pursue a career in the medical field? Why do I want to spend my life helping people? Why do I want to attend the nursing program at Clarkson? My answer to the big question of why is not a simple one-faceted answer. I want to be a nurse for a myriad of reasons. In this reflection, I will touch on my long-lasting love for a career in medicine, my experience in school that solidified my desire to become a nurse, and the path that led me to apply to Clarkson College. My motivation for helping others has numerous reasons behind it. Continually since childhood, I have known that someday I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. I have perpetually been fascinated with hospitals, doctors, medicine, and the potential of what this field had to offer. I may have a different answer than most to the idea of why I have a desire to help others. I want to be able to show my patients the love and…show more content…
As previously mentioned, becoming a nurse has always been a goal of mine. Throughout high school, I got the opportunity to narrow down exactly what I wanted to do in the medical field by taking nursing classes and participating in clinical rotations. I received my CNA license at the end of the course and through learning many beneficial life skills and nursing techniques, I realized during that time I wanted to go beyond CNA work, and that the nursing field was where God was leading me. Everyone defines success differently. To some people, success could be the simplest task being completed, or a major life goal being achieved. To me however, success is when I reach the goal I or others have set before me. Anything that involves my future career or potential in the medical field drives me to meet nothing but
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