Review Of James Schall 's ' A Student 's Guide ' Liberal Learning '

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James Schall - "A Student 's Guide to Liberal Learning"

The Student Guide to Liberal Learning encourages apprentices to consider the significance of what is truth? James Schall, explains the nature of the universe as an open door to seek guidance through the knowledge of the great thinkers as an attempt to better comprehend the ultimate truth of our reality as a whole, to understand how things perfectly align with each other and how to find the ultimate truth that humanity continuously seeks. Furthermore, Schall states that: “…the truth comes from reality itself, from what is. Truth is our judgment about reality.” Schall lays out the initial quest as form of “clear knowledge of truth” while he persuades to stimulate and spark the curiosity of students to seek his or her own truth of reality through a two-step process:
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Schall describes ‘self discipline’ to be a fundamental principal that will ultimately enrich the ‘self.’ Hence, to posses qualities of dedication through a set of self-discipline habits are virtues that will enable to comprehend the truth in our reality. Indeed, the author makes a key-point by explaining that one must be able to achieve order in our mundane lives, from what “deviates from what it is we know we ought to be or do.” Therefore, one must be able to overcome any obstacle that may impede from reaching our goal of seeking knowledge and understanding. However, self-discipline is only the “beginning of wisdom, not its end.” Hence, wisdom may be achieve through a personal library, by studying the greatest minds that had existed in the past and perhaps, in the our present time, in which they have come close and/or achieve the goal one purposely

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...y continues to change, evolve and adapt by eventually acknowledging the beliefs that were once discarded to be true. Hence, Schall uses the examples of profound intellectual thinkers: “…they each stood for the truth that was made most graphic to us precisely because they did not compromise or change the standards of mind or God that are the foundations of human well-being and order.” In order to acquire, freedom one must pursue “ o to be able to seek what one feels to be a broader understanding on the fundamentals
Therefore, happiness is “what provokes us, incites us, need not come from our own time. Indeed, our own time may be and probably is so d

Moreover, Schall provides valuable insight of how one could eventually achieve uses as examples of the greater thinkers that exactly what in which individuals, whose main focus is to seek the ultimate truth in life
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