The White Devil Play Analysis

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Ravideep Singh Ahuja Theatre 222- 001 June 12th, 2017 Professor David L White The White Devil The White Devil is a revenge tragedy which is based on an event which took place in Italy, three decades prior to the writing of the play. The event that took place was the murder of Vittoria Accoramboni in 1585. This play was written by the English playwright, John Webster. However, the complexity and sophistication of the play made it less popular. The fact that this play contains infidelity, violence, jealousy and anger plays a huge role in its success as of today. This is because these themes are extremely popular. At first it was quite difficult for me to keep up with all the characters of the play since the show contained 19 characters, but soon enough I could keep up with the story line due to Damon Bonetti’s (My acting professor a few quarters ago) amazing direction. What I…show more content…
This show is quite like The White Devil since it is also a tragic play and is also written by John Webster. The play is based on the events that took place in 1508 and 1513. The play begins as a love story with the Duchess who marries someone under her class. The Jacobean era involved various plays which involved drama, violence, thrill and revenge. This play ends as a tragedy as both Duchess’s brothers take revenge and end up destroying themselves while doing it. Due to the complexity in the characters of the play, just like The White Devil, this play is considered as one of the best of the writer. The themes of Duchess of Malfi are similar to those of The White Devil. The themes include revenge, misogyny, reputation and class. Overall, I really enjoyed this play and I would say it is the best play I have seen in my Academic career. Along with the great editing and direction of the play, the production team did a great job which was quite prevalent since the vibe of the play seemed very realistic and relevant to the
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