Compare And Contrast The Duchess Of Rpeari And The Duchess Of Malfi

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English literature is continuously developing into a more complex, and interwoven network of shared, or argued ideas. Proof of this goes back into all of the varieties of literature that we have discovered from times past, as well as anything new that is written today. One example of these works of art that has been studied intensely over the years includes the story of The Duchess of Malfi written by John Webster somewhere between 1580 and 1625. This is a story of tragic loss, desperate love, and vicious vengeance which all comes together to form one of the greatest tragedies of all time.
With the timeframe that this story was produced, it becomes the duty of any English critic to compare and contrast with other works that were also produced in that time. One of these comparisons is none other than the work of the great Shakespeare. Although The Duchess of Malfi is not considered to be a Shakespearian play, it has been noted to be similar in numerous aspects. Snively, an honors student who will be
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Andrews Honors Program. She did her honors thesis on the history of this specific story, and her findings included that “The Duchess of Malfi is arguably one of the more famous and studied of the non-Shakespearean revenge tragedies” (5). Webster’s play would not have been so well-known today if he chose to make this a typical love story. He took elements of all sorts of horrors such as plotting against family, friends deceiving one another, the vengeance of corruption, the madness of murder, and he even was sure to include a variety of different forms of sexual inappropriateness. None of these things were extra effects; each played an important part to his theme of destruction, not only of the court, but of the individuals who lived

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