The U.S. Commissions of Civil Rights

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For my organization I chose the U.S. Commissions on Civil Rights. The U.S. Commissions on Civil Rights came to be when the Civil Rights Act of 1957 created it. Since then Congress has extended or reauthorized the legislation that created the Commission many times; the last reauthorization being in 1994 by the Civil Rights Commission Amendments Act of 1994. Established as an independent, fact-finding federal agency their mission was to inform the development of a national civil rights policy and enforce civil rights laws. During its first decade of existence, the commission was a key player in civil rights legislation involving desegregating schools, banning discrimination of employment, and enforcing voting rights. They work to accomplish this mission by studying supposed deprivation of voting rights and alleged discrimination based on a persons color, gender, race, religion, age, disability or national origin. They play a major role in advancing civil rights through both comprehensive and objective research, investigation, and analysis of issues of fundamental concern to both the pe...

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