The Civil Rights Movement: The Promise of justice

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690 words

The era of the civil Rights movement was the time in America which blacks and other minorities started getting more independence and more equal rights. This movement required several brave leaders and many life changing events in order for America to become the integrated nation that it is today. A lot of protests and boycotts took place they were usually non-violent, which the minorities discovered work best throughout this period in time schools, public places and other everyday places slowly but surely became integrated. One of the first major events that happened was the Brown vs. Board of Education case. Oliver Brown who was an African American had a daughter. The school she attended was far from her house, and in order for her to get there she had to go through an unruly neighborhood. She stated that the neighborhood was uncomfortable to walk through. There was a school right across from her house but since the rule was “Separate but equal is constitutional” she couldn’t attend it because it was a white school. Her father complained and the case was taken to the Supreme Court. The ruling of Plessey vs. Ferguson was overturned and the equal isn’t equal.” After this most schools became integrated. This event was impacted by the Brown vs. Education case. The town of Little Rock Arkansas was one of the most clean, pretty, and quiet cities of the United States in the late fifties. All citizens that had lived there took an abundant amount of pride in their town for its aesthetic atmosphere and peaceful cleanliness. Previous to the events that changed the lives of nine students, as well as, the race relations in America; Little Rock was a town where there was very little tension. “Negroes and whites, for many years had lived si... ... middle of paper ... ...rights movement. After years of attempting to limit the rights of African-Americans, most particular case in the South, Brown v. Board of Education reversed that trend. Throughout the development of American civil rights, the Supreme Court influenced the arguments and the policies that would be pursued by both state and federal laws. Works Cited “Brown v Board of Education.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation Corporation, Nov. 19, 2013. Accessed Nov. 25, 2013. "Emmett Till." 2013. The Biography Channel website. Nov 26 2013, 03:23 McBride, Alex. “Brown v Board of Education (1954).” Supreme Court History: Expanding Civil Rights. Educational Broadcasting Corporation, 2007. Accessed Nov. 26, 2013.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the brown vs. education case impacted the lives of nine students in little rock, arkansas. segregation in public schools became outlawed, and central high school started to admit african american students.
  • Opines that the way that black people were treated in the south was shameful, and they must have felt as though they were still slaves.
  • Analyzes how the supreme court influenced the arguments and policies that would be pursued by both state and federal laws.
  • Describes brown v. board of education on wikipedia.
  • States mcbride, alex, "brown v board of education (1954)." supreme court history: expanding civil rights. educational broadcasting corporation.
  • Explains that the civil rights movement required brave leaders and life changing events in order for america to become the integrated nation that it is today.
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