The Trait Approach To Leadership Theory: Are Leaders Are Born Or Made?

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Since we are all born, the best answer to this question is: leaders are born and then made. A good leader is always moving forward; he never repeats the same thing! They strives to seek new experiences and they are in a constant self improving mode, that means he takes in information from a multitude of sources, including but not limited to his own interpretation of life experiences, observations, journals, website, informal training from an excellent mentor as well as from more formal training that is given in an academic setting.
Leader is who induces a group of people and makes a guild in order to achieve their objectives. Leader work under 3p like person, people and purpose. They may not always make the right decision, but they are confident
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The basic premise behind trait theory was that are leaders born or made. Leaders trait research examined the physical, social as well as mental aspect of a individual. In general these studies simply look for significant associations between individual traits and measure of leadership effectiveness. The initial result was that leader trait was that there were no universal traits that consistently separate effective leaders from other individual but in final result explain that that early research considered the impact of situation variables that might moderate the relationship between leader trait and measure of leader effectiveness. Therefore due to lack of consistent findings l individual traits to leadership effectiveness, studies of leader traits were largely abandoned in 1950. Contingency approach is also an important approach in leader subject, this approach was first to specify how situational factor interact with leader traits and behavioral which influence leadership quality and its effectiveness of a person. According to theory leader should make contact with subordinates goal attainment, strengthen subordinates ' expectancies that improved performance will lead to valued rewards, and provide coaching to make the path to payoffs easier for subordinates. Path-goal theory suggests that the leader behavior that will accomplish these tasks depends upon the subordinate and environmental contingency factors. But this approach has not been successful as it has been criticize on both theatrically and method approach However, it remains one of the better-known theories of leadership and offers important in stories of the interaction between subordinate and

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