The Three People Who Have Influenced Me

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As we grow up, we have our parents we always look up to or other family members we admire and who influence us in our lives. Superheroes to us do not wear capes in this world. Many of our childhood friends as well relatives did not stay in our lives for long. However, we always have those special people who do stay and who impact our lives more than anyone else. The three people who have influenced me the most are my freshman Algebra I teacher, my mother, and my boyfriend Jonathan. The first person who has influenced me is my freshman Algebra I teacher, Ms. Nunley. When I started high school, I was very nervous like many other freshmen. I did not have any friends, so I was lost walking down the school hallways. As I was walking down the hall…show more content…
Mostly everyone’s mother is his/her top motivator and is the most common person to influence him/her. My mother has been very tough on me. At one point of my life, I was afraid to even ask her any questions that I knew would upset her or anything because I did not want to make her mad or for her to say no to me. Even though she was tough on me, she always has helped me out no matter what, and I am blessed that she has taken care of me for 17 years of my life. She did not have to and I am very thankful. My last year of middle school my mom left to see my grandmother in El Salvador. For almost three years during those years my life was very tough. Throughout my high school years I only had her with me for the last two years of high school and the end of my pregnancy and since then she has helped me so much she has taught me how to be the best mother to my son, and the perfect daughter to her eyes. Now whenever I need anything or have any doubt I can count for on my mother. She has always push me to never give up, and I…show more content…
A lot of people do not believe that a significant can influence him/her, but my significant other has influenced me. He has helped me a lot. When I met him, my life was a hot mess and he told me to "never give up". At first I did not listen to him because I just wanted to give up because I felt like my problems would never be over. He gave me advice everyday when I would just tell him all my problems. I was happy I was graduating, and I was happy my son was growing strong and healthy, but I did not care about anything else. He taught me that life is always going to give us hard times and never to give up. He became a father to my son like if my son is his biological son. He teaches my son from wrong to right and especially teaches him to listen, and respect me no matter what. My boyfriend Jonathan has supported me through every moment as well. When I decided to start working two jobs and school altogether he supported me and offer me his help to babysit, help me with my homework and anything I need. I know I can count on him no matter what. I know when I am feeling down I can talk to him like a friend. My boyfriend has become my best friend, my brother, and the best father to my
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