How Three People Who Have Influenced Me?

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Influenced does Matter
Why is influence such big deal? Influence gives you personal values. Influence comes from everyone or everything; that mean you can’t dodge it. Where this influence comes from is basely people or thing that interact with each other. Influence is important. It is how we learn in our life. Influences reflect on our personal judgment, socially or personally. Influence is always major in every single step that people take in their life. That is why our families worry about what outside or unknown influences that can bring us great hurt. This essay is about three people who have greatly influenced me. These three persons who influenced me improved my life, skills, and mood. My dad, Mike, and Jimmy are three people who have greatly influenced my life.
My father has been a great influence in my life. The reason why my dad has influenced me is because he was able to raise me. My dad raised my two brothers and me by himself because my mother passed away. The day when my mother passed away was hardest time for us all. My brother and I were in waiting room with a friend of my Dad’s. My Dad came out of my mother’s room with worried face. My Dad told us that mother was not feeling well, so we
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Mike influences me because he is the one who taught me about honor. Mike helps me understand the reason needed for law. I was a little thief when I was young stealing candy and fruit. I was in carnival in park. I searched for food and ate it. Everyone was busy doing his or her own thing. I ran thought the whole park, cleaning up what food was left over. Mike caught me stealing a sandwich. Mike told me to drop the sandwich, so I did. Mike explained stealing is wrong and said it will not get me what I want. I was confused to what mike was trying to say. Mike said that people will not give anything and they protect themselves. I asked why. Mike said why fight when there is no reason. I understand what mike
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