My Mother Is A Great Leader

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When I think of someone who is a great leader I automatically think about current and previous managers I have had over the years, and honestly I cannot say that any of them are the definition of a great leader. So after I looked up many different definitions of a leader all of them basically defined a leader in the same way, someone who leads people. So, a leader does not typically have to be a manager it could be a teacher or a parent. That is when I realize that a great leader has always been right in front of me teaching me great values, and that is my mother. My mother has taught me so much over the past twenty-seven years and not until now did I realize that my great qualities that I have as a leader, my mother is the person to thank for all of these qualities.
Leaders pour their hearts and souls into their people and their purpose. Leaders are all about their people and their purpose. They invest themselves fully into their
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My mother is the strongest woman I know, no matter what the situation is she always has held her head high. My mother has instilled in me that no matter what the situation is a can get through whatever is thrown my way. This has helped me more in my adult life than it did in my childhood because as a child I did not fully understand certain things that I understand now.
Finally, leaders are able to keep everything in perspective. They invest themselves fully but also are able to keep their priorities in order. As a child I never understood anything that my mother did or said but now that I am an adult I realize that my mother had a valid reason for everything she did. My entire childhood my mother has molded me to become a great leader and all the lessons that my mother has taught me I can spread the knowledge to my children. Successful leaders keep it all in perspective because they are able to separate the important from the urgent, and devote their time

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