Mcdonald's Restaurant History Summary

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Background and History
McDonald’s restaurant was founded by two brothers, Richard and Maurice (Dick and Mac) McDonald, in 1940. They initially opened the restaurant under the name McDonald’s Barbeque which was located in San Bernardino, California. The McDonald brothers had a vision of a drive-in restaurant that focused on quality food and good service. They served a simple menu consisting of 20-25, mainly barbeque, items. In 1948 after eight years of operations the McDonald 's brothers discovered that the majority of their revenue was coming from hamburgers. With this in mind, they decided to change the menu and set their focus mainly on hamburgers. They also changed the name of the restaurant to simply “McDonald’s” and adopted an assembly line approach in the production process. After continued
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At the time, Ray Kroc was selling multi-mixer machines for milkshakes and McDonald’s had already purchased eight of his machines. Wondering why this restaurant was using eight of his machines, he decided to visit the restaurant and was really taken back by how efficient the restaurant was being operated. Being a businessman himself, Krock eagerly spoke with the McDonald brothers about expanding their operations towards Chicago and the east coast where Kroc was from. Reluctant at first, the brothers eventually agreed to let Kroc handle all operations of franchising and in return Ray Kroc would give the McDonald brothers half of the sales. Kroc had a bigger vision of expanding all over the states, and becoming the number one fast-food chain in America. He wanted to perfect the production side of the operation and offer the same consistency in the food that McDonald 's offers anywhere in the states. In 1955 Kroc opened McDonald’s System, Inc. Now Kroc was able to not only run his own restaurant but also find other franchisees and expand the business even
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