The Success And Success Of Andrew Jackson's Success

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“I’ve got big shoes to fill. This is my chance to do something. I have to seize the moment.” Andrew Jackson, the guy on the $20 bill, was a man that accomplished a lot in his life. In this essay, I will talk about Jackson’s earlier years, what happened while he was in the military, his political success, his years of presidency, and just some information about his personal life. In Andrew Jackson’s earlier years, he had many hardships, but he also did great things and accomplished a lot. Jackson was born March 15, 1767, but before Jackson was even born, his father died and then when his older brother Hugh was 12, he died during the Revolutionary War. At the young age of 13, he joined the military with his brother Robert, where his brother…show more content…
He was married to Rachel Donelson Robards and while they didn’t have children together, Jackson adopted three children with the name of Andrew Jr., Lyncoya, and Andrew Jackson Hutchings. Sadly enough Jackson lost his wife in 1828 during his election and he blamed his opponents for her death. Jackson was a man that if he liked you, he was a good friend, but if he didn’t like you, he hated you; there was never an in between. A fact about Jackson is that he was the president that killed the most people that wasn’t through war. Jackson participated in a few duels, even though legends say that he participated in more. One of his duels was when Charles Dickinson called Jackson “a worthless scoundrel, a poltroon and a coward” in 1806, so Jackson challenged him to a duel. Dickinson fired first and hit Jackson in the chest and then Jackson fired and hit Dickinson in the chest also and Dickinson bled to death. Jackson never got his bullet taken out and had pain for the rest of his life. Besides being in many duels, Jackson ended up living till he was 78 years old and died June 8, 1845 due to a health decline. Throughout this semester, we have learned about the Andrew Jackson in chapter 14, 15 , and 16. We learn about “Corrupt Bargain” and his years as the president. Even though this wasn’t in the slides, we were taught about Jackson’s personality and how he liked to participate in duels. Another thing we learned about was his wife and how he blamed his opponents for her death during the election. We learned many interesting facts about Jackson throughout the class this semester and how he made an impact on America and about some stuff we were taught wrong about him throughout the
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