Jackson Should Be Removed From the Twenty Dollar Bill

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Jackson Should Be Removed From the Twenty Dollar Bill

Awarded the prestigious honor to remain forever engraved on the twenty dollar bill, Andrew Jackson became a figure in American history never forgotten. Future generations of younger students will not need to know Andrew for them to assume he was a great man. Unfortunately, the ignorance of idolizing Jackson because he appears on American currency serves to blanket the realities of his administration. Jackson should be removed from the twenty dollar bill.

Recognizing the injustices president Andrew Jackson performed, Americans have considered the dispute over the removal of Jackson 's face from the twenty dollar bill. The real question remains why place America 's figures in iconic positions based on fame? Benedict Arnold is famous, yet he was a traitor to America . Why not place figures that contributed to the well-being of the country and upheld humane morals? Jackson 's administration only improved the system, initiating the progress toward a modern democratic government. Under President Jackson, the elimination of voter property qualifications allowed a variety of citizens from different social classes to elect government officials 1. Jackson also ended the national banks that resembled the greedy monopolies of the late 1800's 1.

Andrew Jackson, revered as the first common man to become President, symbolized the average citizen having the opportunity to climb the ranks within America 's democratic system. However, the profits of Jackson 's administration succeed in concealing his immoral procedures and behavior. Jackson 's methods worked accordingly to the reasoning of the father of political science, Machiavelli, who said, “The end justifies the means”. He achiev...

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....S. enforced hypocritical policies that morally opposed the constitution.

Replacing Jackson from the twenty dollar bill could only benefit America 's image problem. Acknowledging the injustices of history, America would reflect intolerance for hypocrisy, and a progress from the past. The replacement would show that America promotes power in both morality and justice.

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