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    Investments INVESTMENT JOURNAL I started doing my research in the Microsoft Network using the Custom Search feature in the Stock Screener. Since I was looking for a conservative stock to start with, the first restriction I put was that the stock be a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. I also wanted a Large-Cap company so I put the Market Cap to be above 5 billion dollars. Another restriction I added was that its P/E ratio be the lowest possible and that the EPS Year to Year be above

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    Investments Nearly three quarters of all U.S. households invest in the stock market. And half of all U.S. households invest in mutual funds—the nation’s fastest growing type of investment. Some investors are saving for a comfortable retirement, other’s for a child’s education. Whatever their goals, shareholders benefit from broad diversification, professional investment management, and ready access to their money. If one decided investing was a sound way to secure their financial future, their

  • What is an investment?

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    There are so many different investment strategies, investment options, investment jargon, and investment ideas, that a novice investor can become confused and discouraged before ever getting started. Before an individual can delve into beginner investing strategies, I think it’s important to define what an investment really is and the benefits of investing properly and strategically. An investment is any vehicle into which funds can be placed with the expectation that it will generate positive

  • Investment Strategy

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    In order to for me to be successful with such investment Capital and as investor I would have to formulate goals I would like to accomplish, implement plan (vehicle) to reach goal, maximize profits, reduce risk, use creative financing, increase my exposure to opportunities and protecting my asset(s). When I find property(s) that meet my investment objective, I would tie it up and negotiate to win, take action and control it. If the property does not meet my objective I wouldn’t buy, or alternatively

  • The Investment: Myself

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    strides in response. Wall Street is always booming with activity and enticing anticipation. Although I have never gotten the chance to take part in the action, I have been doing some of my own investing over the years: the investment in my future. Much like the commotion of investments happening on Wall Street, I invest the factors of time, money and effort towards my future. To effectively invest in my future, I have to start at the root of it all, and invest in myself. 3 a.m., 2 a.m., and when I’m

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    three out of every eight dollars in foreign direct investment in Africa comes from the United States -- more than from any other country (France is second at 18 percent -- less than half as much). Between 1996 and 2000 (latest figures), the United States invested $9.2 billion in Africa, compared with $4.4 billion invested by France an... ... middle of paper ... The benefits of international trade and investment are today more widely accepted around the world

  • Investments in Malaysia

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    Investments in Malaysia Malaysia is an open economy and is trying to ease rules to attract foreign investments. In a recent survey, conducted by ASEAN – BAC survey on ASEAN Competitiveness, Singapore ranked as the most attractive for investment in 45% of survey respondents planning to invest in the country, followed by Malaysia (42%). (Competitiveness, 2013). Malaysia is also considered as the gateway to expand into not only the ASEAN region, but Asia in general. The government is striving towards

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    Investment Strategy To maximize optimum performance of our investment portfolio, we placed a certain percentage of equity in different sectors of the stock market. To maximize value with a bearish market, we structured an initial investment strategy that focused on inputting funds into income assets in the form of t-bills and bonds. Roughly, we estimated on contributing between twenty and thirty percent into these low risk funds until the market index increased. Once the stock market indices

  • The Difference Between Alternative Investment And Traditional Investment

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    Investment is the condition that we bought an asset or item today in hoping that it will appreciate or provide incomes in the future. In the view of Economics, investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but it will be used in the future in order to provide wealth. In the view of Finance, investment is defined as possessing a monetary asset with the idea that it will provide extra income in the future or appreciate and then it will be sold at a higher price. Besides, investment

  • Notes On Investment Guidelines ( Investment Mandate ) : Asset Allocation

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    circumstances Every investor has their own investment requirements and preferences on what amount of funds should be allocated to which security. In order for the investors to converse in a friendly manner and make decisions that will benefit the group as a whole, it is up to the fund manager to communicate each issue that may arise and to find a solution that satisfies all investors. 1.5 Investment guidelines (Investment mandate)- asset allocation Investment mandate guides fund managers into deciding