The Story of an Influential Role Model, George Washington

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He was an excellent general and an influential role model to many people. He led the Patriots in the Revolutionary War and became the 1st President. He was the courageous, brave, and trustworthy George Washington. Throughout our lives, many people have showed that when power is acquired or given, it is often abused and taken advantage up.However, George Washington was the streak of hope scattered throughout a world of despair. Before George Washington came into power, King George, The King of Britain, had been unfair and cruel to the many citizens of America, which was a colony of England in the 1700’s.
On the other hand, though, many Americans went to war with Britain where General George Washington took over and used strategy and smarts to beat Britain, even though they had a greater and more powerful Navy and Military. After eight years of hard fought battling, the Patriots of America finally obtained separation from Britain, which meant freedom to every citizen in America.
Many believe that without George Washington, the Patriots would not have won the War. Now, we fast forward a few years later when the Constitutional Convention meetings ended and it was decided the we would have a Republic Country, where popular sovereignty was applied and the Checks and Balances System was declared to be in use. After a short time, it was unanimously decided that George Washington was going to be the leader of the United States of America. Even so, he had stated that he would only serve two meager terms of four years each because of his fear that the newly made country would acquire a horrible leader in the future that would become a king and abuse their power like King George.
In many ways, this indicated the George Washington would be...

... middle of paper ... Farewell Address that served as a guide for future presidents, George Washington showed that power can be used for the good for everyone. He secured the blessings of liberty and gave every single American the rights they deserve to have and hold for themselves and their future generations. The amount of Patriotism he showed shined through his actions as President, where he used his power to help his country prosper. The thing that stands out the most, though, is that he did not care about power and it was not anything to him. Abraham Lincoln once stated, “ Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power”. After being given power, George Washington’s character not only stayed intact, it increased, as well. After his service to the country, he peacefully and gladly gave up his position as President of the United States.
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