George Washington

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The soldier’s time to serve would be up in just ten days, the British continued to win battles, all hope of winning the war was fading and everyone was ready to put down their weapons and surrender to Great Britain. However, George Washington was not settling with anything less than trying their best. He kept that little flicker of hope that was still left, alive. The Continental Congress did not see much hope in the war either and turned the responsibility of the war to General George Washington. Washington received a message from Congress saying, “Full power to direct all things relative… to the operations of war.” (Dupuy 63-64). Although Washington did not see this as much of an honor he did what he could with his new power. In ten days his army would no longer have to serve and could go home to their families, the war would be over. Despite the constant reminder that the patriots were going to lose, Washington refused to believe it and took the leadership of forming a plan. Washington decided to make the courageous decision to attack the British at least one last time (Dupuy 63-64). Washington immediately began to put together an army. He ordered Major General Charles Lee to bring his troops from New York to help, and General James Ewing brought his troops as well. On December 11, Washington crossed the Delaware River to get his army together and prepare for the upcoming fight. On December 13, General Lee was captured by the British, but thankfully General Sullivan successfully crossed the river with his troops. By December 20, Washington had enlisted around six thousand men (Murphy). Washington received reports that General Howe sent most of his force back to New York and had left the Hessians in different areas of New Jerse... ... middle of paper ... ...Americans won this war. Without his leadership, braveness, and great instincts the patriots couldn’t have won. He is the reason a new spark of hope was created when no one else had believed we could win, he is the reason we attacked the hessians on Christmas, he is the reason we attacked and won at Princeton, he is the reason his army made it through the harsh winter at valley forge, he is the reason men reenlisted and he is the reason America is a free country today. There are not enough words to describe how much George Washington has contributed to the world. Works Cited Dupuy, Trevor Nevitt. New York: Franklin Watts, 1969. Print Murphy, Justin D. "Battle of Trenton." Facts on File:American History Online. Encyclopedia of American Military History, n.d. Web. 9 Jan. 2014. "WASHINGTON, George." (n.d.): Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia. Web. 6 Jan. 2014.

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