The Selection Process and the Importance of Involving the Employees

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Articles written by Human Resource Specialists were referenced for the majority of information that has been gathered regarding the selection process. In order to gather information that was current and of the highest quality, I found it beneficial to look at the industry professionals in the area of hiring new employees. The first step explained in this paper pertains to checking the references of each applicant in order to expand on any questions that may arise and acquire a further understanding of who the candidate is as an employee. Following this discussion is an explanation of how important it is to involve employees in the selection process. In addition, decision making strategies and methods are explained to allow a further understanding on how to select the right employee for the position available. Every company is different and can use a variety of tactics to be successful when selecting a new candidate. Having a management team that is aware of these techniques can help build a strong workforce that will benefit a company for the long term.


The history of the selection process has adapted over the years and can mainly be attributed to new laws and procedures that have been adopted by management staffs. High costs and turnover rate has caused companies to evolve their hiring processes in order to be more efficient. Hiring the wrong person can be an expensive mistake that could cost a firm as much as one half to four times the employee’s yearly salary and benefits (Employee Selection, n.d). Bad hiring practices has the ability to take capital away from essential areas of the business.

In order to hire quality talent the management staff needs to be able to analyze the data available to make the ...

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