Difference Between Diversity And Diversity

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Part A
1. Diversity is a difference between ranges of backgrounds. This including race, religion, color, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, age, education and skills. Diversity can easily impact the workplace because a person who can’t respect a differences, and deficiency of other employees, that can lead to racism, bullying, etc. The diversity in the workplace:
• Religious belief, ( christian, buddhism, Islamism, hinduism,paganism, shinto, and a many more other religious belief)
• Cultural behaviours, (most people in the world think that when you are shaking your head it means “no”, but in india when people shake their head it means yes. This shows that with different cultures people 's understanding will be differ)
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People with these abilities should be treated as equal and not get discriminate by the other staff. To do this the manager need to plan a staff meeting to talk about no discrimination in a workplace and help each other especially when those with disabilities ask for help)
2. Having a diverse in a workplace can lead company’s image and reputation, because more people will look after that workplace. And diverse can attract customer from other countries. The things we can do in the company is such as,
• Increase the creativity while thinking about the company’s target. There is a lot of people in the workplace and all of them must have different background and was to think. Brainstorming in the workplace is necessary because it makes all the workers give their opinion with their way of thinking, that way the leader of the company can pick one out of all of the diverse idea to pick what is the best one for the
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To make it happen, a manager should held a meeting or train the staff either formal or informal, and on-going review about customer feedback or complain. o A workplace should give a special place for a customer who have a disabilities
2.Know your staff
• The information that a manager need to know when hiring a staff is their identity, skills summary, and experience. Those information gives an idea of what the potential staff’s life. To select a staff, a manager should make an interview and ask what they need to know, so it can meet up the provision that needed on the workplace. And to promote equally, a manager shouldn’t look at the physical appearance, age, gender, but more likely at their skills, and character.
• Maintain fairness and equity is what a manager must do the manager should treat every employee the same. By maintain fairness and equity, a manager can create a good atmosphere in a workplace, by that it can lead the workplace to improve.
• Manager should manage a fair roster by their needs. They should understand about the status of each employee, such as a student are only able work for limited time and not force them to work when they don’t have the