The Role Of A Nurse And Manager Of An Inpatient Unit And The Role They Play During A Period Of Duty

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The aim of this essay is to evaluate and discuss the role of a Nurse in charge/Manager of an inpatient unit and the role they play during a period of duty. A rationale for the span of duty will be discussed using a management plan to support the decisions made (see Appendix, pg. 12). The NHS Leadership Framework will be implemented throughout to identify management competencies (National Leadership Council, 2011). Followed by a discussion and evaluation of the actions taken within the period of duty using management themes such as management of self, others and environments. Finally, learning needs will be identified based on experience concerning strategies that can be used to address these needs. The role of a learning disabilities nurse is to facilitate care, advocate and promote autonomy that will support service users to live a fulfilling life (Ahmed, Burt, & Roland, 2014). According to (Witges & Scanlan, 2014) without understanding the role of a nurse it will be difficult to excel in nursing leadership and management for services catered to people with learning disabilities. Effective managers have excellent leadership skills which are implemented daily within the span of duty (Witges & Scanlan, 2014). According to Middleton (2011), the definition of leadership is the ability to motivate people to behave positively and implement mutually agreed goals. Therefore, leaders must have the capacity to recognise issues within an organisation using problem-solving skills such as pattern recognition, critical thinking, evidence-based approaches, communication, teamwork, sharing and reflection. These skills for clinical decision-making help to manage staff, environments and patients which I implemented throughout my period of duty (... ... middle of paper ... ...nly company policy to reiterate my choice of delegation and why they must carry this task out as it is in their job description (Moore,2014). Additionally, feedback systems must be used as a student nurse such as asking staff how efficiently I coordinated activities, delegated, administered medication and shared information to gain insight on my less competent areas to reflect and develop within the nursing practice. To conclude, without incorporating theory to practice many gaps in care can be made therefore resulting in a poor patient safety. Implementing evidence-based care encourages staff to become more confident in leadership which is beneficial to patient care and satisfaction (Twycross,2011). I have reflected on my previous placements which enabled me to identify learning needs that can be strengthened which will improve the quality of my practice.

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