The Importance Of Nurse Management

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Effective management can be described as the art and skill of manager to manage the challenges and problems efficiently and well in the organization. These skills include communication skills, decision making, problem solving skills, conflict management and many more. According to Katz (1974), there are several key competencies to become an effective nurse manager such as conceptual skill that involves the ability to analyze critically and solve problem; technical skill that reflects expertise to perform a specific task; and interpersonal skill that enables to communicate with and work well with other individuals. The current worldwide nursing shortage is essentially a boundless and risky absence of talented nurses who are required
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A nurse manager should have developed both management and leadership skills as an effective manager and leader to attract and retain nurses in the workplace. Manager should plan for the future of the organization according to the organization’s vision; mission and policies to empower nurses understand clearly and work together towards to meet the goals. In this phase of planning, manager plays an important role to create a positive and healthy working environment that promotes professionalism. As an effective manager, she influences nurses respect to each another, encourage communication among nurses and working as a teamwork and feel appreciated. According to Manion (2004), nurses who felt rewarded and believed that they had a positive impact on the organization were more likely to stay in the job. This situation profits each nurses’ benefit, as well as it enhances nurses’ job satisfaction and encourages nurses to perform well in the work. Manager should always be open-minded to every individual nurses and tries to meet their needs to avoid them to feel being devalued. Nurse manager should manage her time well in order to be a role model for her subordinates and increase productivity. Manager uses the five rights of delegation skills to delegate task for nurses will help them to gain self-motivated…show more content…
As a nurse manager, she should arrange staffing needs accordingly to the patients’ severity, census, the knowledge and skill of the nurses, budget constraints and availability resources in order to ensure patient safety and prevent nurses’ burnout which will lead to job dissatisfaction. When my unit were facing staffing crisis, my nurse manager arranged all nurses to work overtime and this may lead to some of the nurses overstress with the loads of work and affected quality of care. Recruitment is done to ensure that any vacancies that exist in an organization are filled immediately to avoid any disruption of work (Yadav et al., 2011). It is important that the organization and manager to ensure adequate staffing and to recruit more nurses and place them in proper positions to foster personal growth, motivate nurses regarding their needs, increase individual satisfaction and maximize organization productivity. As a nurse manager, she plays an important role to assist nurses gain confidence to communicate with doctors such as providing support and coaching in various clinical skills and knowledge. Once they are confidence and able to perform efficiently, it will increase self-esteem which leads to job satisfaction and doctors will not angry or throw temper to the nurses when there is no mistake occurs. Thus, it will improve the perception of respect
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