Advantages And Disadvantages Of The American War

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American colonists felt as if they were constantly being denied natural rights by the British Government. Additionally, colonists believed that they were unfairly treated and that their legislature was not regarded as a legitimate institution. Aa a result, many colonists chose to resist British authority. An example of this is in 1733, due to pressure from British West Indian planters, the Molasses Act was passed by Parliament to stop American trade with the French West Indies islands. This act placed a heavy tax on all shipments of sugar and molasses coming from non-British islands in the Caribbean area. This was done to promote English products as it would be much cheaper than sugar products from other areas. This act greatly upset merchants as it would have hurt American trade with foreign nations. As a result, merchants began to bribe customs officers in order to…show more content…
However, Britain did have several disadvantages since they were the invading army, there was poor communication regarding supplies and between military leaders as well as a lack of familiarity of American territory. The British also outnumbered the American soldiers. The Americans had many disadvantages, and defeating the British seemed impossible. Americans were constantly experiencing shortages of supplies. Additionally, Americans had very few ships and did not have well experienced soldiers of military leaders. However, Americans were passionate and driven by their cause. Additionally, militias used methods of fighting such as surprise attacks or camouflage. The American soldiers were also familiar with their territory. Overall, Americans had many disadvantages, but with the leadership of Washington, they were able to push out the British and achieve
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