The Pros And Cons Of Technology On Technology

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In the past seventy two years technology has catapulted into a day where practically everyone owns a computer, and or a phone. Even schools have adopted hand held tablets instead of paper and pencil for students to complete homework and turn in their assignments. My younger cousin has a tablet from her elementary school that is for school work. I can remember when I was only allowed to use computers for writing, and even then they were extremely slow. The technological advances that we have created for ourselves allow an easier life. Messages can be received around the world instantaneously, and soon books will become obsolete in exchange for the tablets. Paper and pen is less often used than computers, it is easier to correct mistakes on…show more content…
My grandpa tells me that when the first computer was invented that it took up an entire room. Now we have phones that are miniature computers that give us access to the internet and communication. I remember when my mom used to yell at me to get off the computer because she needed to make a phone call. The idea that we went from dial up, to using computers that dual as phones.
In the last decade alone, we have become co-dependent on technology to a point where it is our main form of communication between people. We no longer have to wait for someone to get off a computer to use a phone, and we don’t need a computer if we have access to a smart phone. Soldiers overseas, who used to wait years in order to see their family again, can now skype and talk to their family when they are half way around the world. Gone are the days of hand written letters to loved ones, when their voice is just a phone call away. Family is important, and technology makes it easier to keep in touch with those you love. Pregnant women can now take 3D images of an ultrasound. People trying to start families can even pick the gender of the child that they
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For example, pedophiles posing as children now have a much easier access to juveniles around them. Illegal items are much easier to obtain and children go through sexual education much earlier thanks to pornographic websites. There is a rise in pedophilia, necrophilia, and bestiality because of the ease of access that the internet has provided to its users. Stalkers have an easier time finding those they broadcast their twisted affections for because of social media where everyone, no matter the age can obtain a profile. We now have police task forces that will deal with the cyber predators in today’s society, but it’s a battle that will never be over. In 1973 the world was introduced to cell phones. Today a teenager would recognize what most people construed as a cell phone in the early seventies. They progressively evolved to become smaller, and lighter in weight, making it easier to manage for its user. Today we have touch screens that are heat sensitive, fingerprint sensitive, and vision
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