Evolution of Smartphones

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Despite the short amount of time since the introduction of the smartphone, the rapid development of the software and technology has had a tremendous effect on the everyday life in society today. The concept of communicating through a telephone was developed in the 1870s. Devices to transmit speech electrically were designed by Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell, but Bell's design was patented first. On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell achieved one of his greatest successes in the making of the telephone. This brought upon a major change in communication and gave leeway to the improvement of the telephone in the days to come (Bellis, 2013b). During the 20th century there were many innovations regarding the telephone. In 1973, the first call from a portable phone was made Martin Cooper, who was a Motorola researcher and executive at the time. Since its inception, the advancement of cell phones has been exponential (Bellis, 2013a). As a result, cell phones have changed how society works in today's world. Many people lack the insight of how cell phones, or in this case, smart phones, affect the people that use them. So the question is, how is the evolution of smart phones impacting our society?
History of Smartphones
According to Reed (2010), smartphones were first brought to the attention of the public in 1993 by IBM and BellSouth. When the first smartphone was produced, it was called "Simon". Even though the technology was nowhere near what it is today, "Simon" utilized a touch screen and was able send faxes and access e-mail. The use of the touch screen foreshadowed what would come 14 years later, the iPhone. The next smartphone to be invented was the Nokia 9110 Communicator in 1998. This phone resembled the look of toda...

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