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  • The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

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    Your Right-hand-man is in your Palm In the 1980s no one who was anyone, went anywhere, without his or her Filofax. The end of the 1990s had replaced it by its digital equivalent - the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). A PDA is effectively a handheld PC, capable of handling all the normal tasks of its leather-bound ancestor - address book, notepad, appointments diary and phone list. Most PDAs offer many more applications besides, such as spreadsheet, word processor, database, financial management

  • Toshiba Personal Digital Assistant

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    1.)     Products and estimated market potential: The international market in PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) is increasing every year. In the past, PDA’s were only expected to do simple tasks, like creating a schedule, alarm clock, calculations and other smaller tasks, which were seen as essential for businessmen. However today, the consumer range of PDA did increase immense. University students, teachers, small business owner, taxi driver and other type of occupations do require the need of an

  • Overview Of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)?

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    Overview of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) According to (O. Dussell et al., 1999), Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is a portable computer system that let user store contact number and address in a database. User able assigns task or information on digital calendar with Personal Digital Assistant too. With evolution on Personal Digital Assistant, wireless communication link is developed which allow it act as a portable facsimile device. Same with current smartphone, a Personal Digital Assistant also

  • Personal Computer: Personal Computer And Personal Digital Assistants

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    Personal Computer: Availability of computer make it is easier to attend to several academic issues. Both the theological educators and students are having many benefits to derive from use of personal computer, spanning from using of word processing packages for personal and academic issues to conducting research via the internet by linking their computer to the internet and many more. Friedman indicated that today's technology can provide teachers and other school faculty with greater opportunities

  • Pocket Digital Assistants And Use For Staff Nurses

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    The personal digital assistant (PDA) is a handheld device originally designed as personal organizers but over the years have advanced becoming the newest tool in the academic toolbox. It had broad capabilities is a powerful reference source as well as a computer and communicator that can be stored in a pocket. The PDA was first developed in 1993 by Apple Computer and was named the Newton. Later Palm, Inc. released the Pilot 1000 and 5000 which retailed for about $500 (Wikipedia). Today the PDA

  • Trends in Nursing Informatics: Mobile Devices

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    regarding patient privacy and transmission of proprietary data. The introduction of the personal digital assistant and smart phone will revolutionize care in the coming years. Mobile Technologies When you hear the term wireless you might think of a laptop. Wireless is the technology of sending information over the air. Many devices now have this technology, from laptops to PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants) and smartphones. Smartphones even have PDA’s in them in which you can read, send, and

  • New Managerial Tools and Technology for Nurses

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    computers have evolved (Saranto & Leino-Kilpi, 1997). Modern technology in medicine now includes the use of hand held personal digital assistants (PDA), computers, and real-time locating systems including nurse locators. This paper will examine each of these technological advances and how each assists in mangerial control and increases staff production. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Initially PDA use was reserved for physicians to enable quick

  • Using Technology To Cheat

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    hats and books. In those years however, the internet wasn't available so world-wide communications did not lend themselves to aid would-be cheaters. Technology has progressed and so has the modern student. Backpacks are now filled with Personal Digital Assistants, MP3 Players, Cell phones and laptops instead of notebooks and #2 pencils. The ease at which students can now wirelessly download electronic information from the internet has created an entire generation of students whose goal is not only

  • Management Information Systems

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    Kashyap (2009) stressed that “It is difficult for an MFI to upscale significantly and maintain the accuracy and transparency of its loan portfolio without an MIS”.(PAGE?) PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANTS (PDA) A personal digital assistant (PDA), also known as a palmtop computer, is a mobile device that functions as a personal information manager. MFIs employ PDAs to ease loan processing, improve loan officer efficiency, and increase data accuracy and access in the field. To get the maximum benefits

  • Essay On Touch Screen

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    common in devices such asplaying game consoles, computers, tablet computers, and phones. They can also be attached to computers or as terminals to networks. They also play a prominent role in the design of digital appliances such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), satellite navigation devices, mobile phones. The popularity of smart phones, tablets, and many types of information appliances is driving the demand and acceptance of common touch screens for portable