Parenting Of A Child Essay

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The moment a woman finds out she is pregnant, she begins to think of what kind of parent she’ll be and what if she isn’t a good parent? It is very common for a mother or father to be scared when they find out they are about to bring another human into this world. The mother has to start by eating healthy, drinking a lot of water and getting enough rest. The parenting of a child does not begin when the child is born, it begins when the mother finds out she is pregnant. Parents often make mistakes, when raising their children, that can do more harm than good in the long run.
The first mistake parents often make is not being there enough for their children. For example, my Tia who is a correctional officer, worked a lot of overtime and was not …show more content…

“As long as you live under this roof you are going to do as we say, so you’re going to church and making your confirmation, end of discussion.”
Parents making their children have the same beliefs as them, hoping it will teach the child right from wrong, can make the child not want the beliefs. This is a mistake because if you push something on your children too hard it will push the child away and hurt the parent even more.
The final, most common, mistake parents make while raising their children is being too strict. My parents were and still are strict on my two sisters and I. We were not allowed to go out past a certain time and had to be home by ten or eleven at the latest. They literally wanted to know our every move, when and when we went somewhere, who we were going with, and what was their number. This caused both of my older sisters to run away at seventeen, but my parents found them and made them come back home. As soon as they turned eighteen they moved out right away to get away from my parents and all their …show more content…

In the future many of these mistakes can affect the child in a negative way. Parenting is being there for your child at every stage in their life and not putting work as first priority. Being there for a child gives parents the chance to set boundaries and follow through with their word. Parenting is allowing a child to decide what sport or activity they want to do and encouraging them to give it all they have. As a parent, you are your child’s number one fan, parents have to be there to support the child not be against them. It is not pushing your child away by trying to make them believe in the same things as the parent and not being too strict. Making mistakes is part of figuring out how to be a parent. So don’t worry everyone makes mistakes, just correct the mistakes before it harms the

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