Examples Of Strict Parents Essay

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As parents one only want the best for their children. Therefore, one sometimes tend to come off as strict parents. Parents that only want the best for their children try to teach them respect and mold them into bright, intelligent individuals. Nowadays, the way you appear and carry yourself if very important. Parents who do not let their child participate in some events only does this because one is looking out for their children. Parents are sometimes strict because, one does not want their child to stray away, one does not want their child to make the same mistakes as one did when one was younger, and to teach discipline. Children sometimes get away from their parents. Meaning, children that do not follow instructions or rules grow up to be disrespectful and have bad attitudes. Parents that do not focus on their children behavior will cause problems for them as an adult. For example, if one is not taught to speak…show more content…
Children sometimes feel as if parents are mean and overprotective. Children get mad when their parents do not let them date at a certain age, stay out late, and even wear certain clothes. But parents always have a reason for their actions whether the child may like it or not. An example, one’s parent may have dated at a younger age and ends up pregnant. Parents do not want their children to make the same mistakes as they have done. Another example, everyone wants to wear the latest trending clothes. For women the clothes may be too revealing or makes the child look older than what she is. For men, the clothes may be baggy and not professional. Parents try not to let their children dress a certain way because they care about their children’s appearance. Some parents did not have anyone to tell them how to dress or carry themselves when they were younger. All of this ties in with having
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