The Pros And Cons Of Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana is one of the biggest medical discoveries in the last fifty years. The people who argue against its practical use most likely have no background information on the subject except for the bad reputation the media gives, which is given because of it recreational use though out the United States. Medical marijuana has been widely argued for years about its potency on people with serious aliments, but many people fail to recognize the safety benefits, production costs, and who should receive the prescription along with the methods of use. Marijuana has been given a bad reputation by the media because it has been deemed as a harmful and dangerous drug. There is still no evidence that marijuana contains any addictive properties and that the average user for somebody that uses marijuana for recreational purposes gives up the drug in there twenties or thirties. There has never been a recorded death in relation to the overuse of marijuana and it actually has been found to be safer and have fewer negative side effects than prescription drugs. An example of a positive effect marijuana has on a person with a problem like seizures is that marijuana contains a muscle relaxant and also contains several “antispasmodic” ingredients. Some patients that suffer from seizures have found that only being on marijuana that it keeps the attacks to a minimum or even keeps them away for the whole duration of use. Another example of a disease that marijuana helps keep at bey is cancer. Many people believe that smoking marijuana is just as harmful as smoking cigarettes, which is just not true. Cigarettes cause cancer due to the tobacco and hundreds of other ingredients like tar, which are then inhaled into the lungs. Marijuana contains no ... ... middle of paper ... ... said in this time. Marijuana has been proven to help many people with almost no long term side effects, which the majority of the public does not know about. The THC in marijuana has been proven to help many different aliments and to possibly even prevent them from even occurring. The profits from legalizing medicinal marijuana has already been proven in Washington and in Colorado when the expected amount was almost forty percent higher. Marijuana is a much healthier and definitely a good natural choice versus all of the pharmaceutical products available that the human body cannot process as well. Medical marijuana should be legalized all over the country from its amazing health benefits, the profits and jobs it could create which would boots the economy, and also since it can be taken in a variety of different ways and how it can treat so many different illnesses.
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