The Pros And Cons Of Medical Marijuana

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The year 1972 is when Congress placed marijuana under schedule I substances. Congress felt that marijuana had no medical use and was only subject to misuse. Since then, 23 states have legalized marijuana for medical uses. Supporters of marijuana exclaim that it’s a safe and effective treatment for diseases such as cancer. Medical marijuana use is cited throughout world history through ideas such as peer-reviewed articles and reports documented by the government. The enemies of medical marijuana would argue that it’s too dangerous, FDA approval is lacking and the use is unnecessary for society. According to Should Medical Marijuana Be Approved for Medical Use, “Most of the controversy surrounds whether marijuana and its plant properties are…show more content…
California was the first to consider medical marijuana legislation. The trend of marijuana legislation does exist, but society must find ways to regulate the use of this illicit drug. Congress responds by acting as what we call a “doctor” figure. When Congress Plays Doctor, “In the majority’s view, marijuana use, abortion, and suicide are so evil that they must be prohibited at any costs to individuals”(Kaminer, 2000). Congress is playing doctor by stating the actions as evil. Marijuana being categorized as evil is a method used steer people away from abuse. Medical marijuana has side effects and prohibiting this drug from society benefits versus putting health at risk in hopes of having solutions to…show more content…
A few major states such as California legalize marijuana and every other state is supposed to just follow suit. Research on medical marijuana should be further into development before others decide to legalize marijuana. Some just may see as a means of helping society, but the truth is it’s an illicit drug. The marijuana legalization will cause a slippery slope effect, causing accidents such as impaired driving, increased child use, and misdemeanor within the law. The Supreme Court has begun to investigate cases of medical marijuana use. According to Reflections On Medical Marijuana Prosecutions and The Duty To Seek Justice, “ Just four years later, in Gonzales v Raich, the Court affirmed the federal government’s authority under the Commerce Clause to prosecute the non-commercial, intrastate cultivation and possession of medical marijuana” (Kreit, 2012). The Commerce clause regulates commerce with other nations. This gave the federal government the power to prosecute non-commercial marijuana from other nations. Since marijuana isn’t legal in all states, the public will try to find other ways to get
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