The Pros And Cons Of Euthanasia

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To die with dignity is everyone wish. Euthanasia is the practice of ending a life that releases the person from an incurable disease. It’s a quiet, easy and painless death. This can be done by doctors on patient’s wish. Previously, doctor was the person who treating the patient as companion. Now a doctor is person who cure the disease, but will not be companion always. What will never show sign of change is patient’s unbearable pain. Many times there is nothing a specialist can do to cure disease, except to wait for death of a patient. This make the patient and surrounding them to suffer. Thus to consent to euthanasia makes an individual free from increasing suffer, less economic burden and feel glad on self-choice.
Euthanasia gives the person a painless death. A specialist ought to be the one of curing infection as well as giving the patient a personal satisfaction and a free from disease condition. Euthanasia could be a good option in order to relief the patient from severe pain. For instance, when person is suffering from brain hemorrhage and he is in coma, his life is meaningless. He never able to feel or recognize anything. Secondly, we pay the specialist so he can do the best he can. Helping patient to relieve from the pain is what a doctor always lookafter. For example, when the person is suffering from the cancer, he has to suffer the unbearable pain of post therapy. Thus the quality of life is decide by the patient not by the doctor or government. Consequently, when a person is not able to bare pain, and if the patient decide to die. So be it. (Plagiarism: Two Perspectives)
The reason to make legalized of euthanasia is economic factor....

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...edicines like pain killer to reduce pain, but they are expensive too. There are some misuse and slippery slopes, but proper investigation team can solve the problems. More than this, religiously people believe its wrong act but there is nothing more to painless death. Thus, to agree to euthanasia make the person to feel free of disease and free from pain.
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