Persuasive Essay Against Euthanasia

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Once people decide to end their lives they give up. They give up on fighting for themselves and others that love them. At times they may not even be in the right state of mind when they make these decisions. When people know that they have a terminal illness they tend to go through depression. They think that they have nothing else to live for, but it is just a stage that they are going through. There are certain factors that are dangerous and lead people to end their lives. There are people that want euthanasia to be legalized but they do not understand the consequences that come with that legalization. Once euthanasia is legalized vulnerable patients could be talked into suicide and doctors could take that decision for them. Euthanasia should not be an easy way out to get rid of a patient’s pain. One of the main reasons people want to legalize euthanasia is to free the patient from pain. They want the patient to have a dignified death and choose how they want their life to end. A person could go into a vegetative state where they cannot think for themselves or live the life they used to live. They are now trapped in a body without being able to do anything. Being in a…show more content…
“The doctor’s duty is to kill the pain, not the patient” (“Top 6 Reasons Physician-Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legal”). The health department is seeking an easy way out instead of finding ways to cure the patient. A patient should be given help. That is the reason they go to a doctor, to get help. They do not go to a doctor’s office expecting to be killed. They go expecting help for a chance of survival. People fought for euthanasia to be legalized and used as a last resort and they are getting the opposite. It is cheaper for patient to undergo assisted suicide than for a treatment. A treatment that could take a long time or a short period of time. People should not be killed because it is an easier way out. It is inhumane to do that, everyone’s lives
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